I'm a cosmetologist, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a business owner, a friend but first I am ME!  Back in the day, I would get my nails done at the salon as the one "ME" thing to make me feel beautiful and also allow some relaxation!  It always ended up taking too long, the was salon over booked, they forgot about me sitting in the chair, I paid way too much and my manicure never came out the way I really wanted it.  It left me feeling more stressed out than when I started. 

With nab, I've been able to create and customize a dip manicure kit to apply in the comfort of your home, for any event or occasion.  Whether I'm helping at the school, going to girls night or running a business meeting, my nails can look their best and express who I really am!  I hope you join me on this fun adventure and discover what you can do for your nails.